Can the Notch be hidden on the Pixel 3XL?

The new device made by Google has been unveiled, causing the chagrin of all who are against the brow at the top of the screen, where Google decided to accommodate the cameras to join this trend of screens with Notch. Fortunately, Within the device options we will find that, indeed, the Notch can be hidden in the Pixel 3XL, a function that we already find in other devices on the market, such as the Xiaomi Mi 8, to give an example.

This arises from the little acceptance that has been shown by the new Pixel device thanks to the great Notch that it integrates, due to that, a user on Twitter questioned Google about the possibility of hiding the Notch, comparing it to the way the Pocophone F1 does it, to which Google responded justifying the use of the Notch.

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Why did Google decide to integrate a Notch on the Pixel 3XL screen?

Within the tweet, Google exposes several reasons why the Notch is a good idea within this new device, since allows them to integrate two of the best cameras on the market, one of which is wide angle. As well as improving the audio experience. Google also mentions that the Notch size of the new Pixel 3XL is considerably smaller than most of its competitors

Can the Notch be hidden on the Pixel 3XL?

Can the Notch be hidden on the Pixel 3XL?

According to a tweet on Stephen Hall’s official account (managing editor of 9to5Google), the option to hide the Notch comes natively thanks to version 9 of Android (Android Pie). However, it is not an option for everyone to see, rather it is found within the developer options in a hidden section.

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This news will please all those users or potential buyers who do not agree with the use of this eyebrow on the screen by the North American company, since it is true that it takes a bit of work to get used to this type of device, although Nowadays, more and more manufacturers are making use of Notch to take more advantage of the device’s frames.

Is the space that hides the Notch really used?

In the case of the Pixel 3XL, the Notch is hidden with a black bar and the icons in the notification bar are scrolled down. Unlike other manufacturers, such as Xiaomi, it takes advantage of the black space with the icons in the status bar.

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Can the Notch be hidden on the Pixel 3XL?