Adobe issues a statement on the “PDF battle” against Microsoft

The company says Microsoft is an important partner of Adobe, adding: “Adobe is one of the largest developers of commercial software for Windows and we share millions of customers around the world.” The statement continues: “While we do not typically publicly discuss our negotiations with customers, partners or competitors, Microsoft recently decided to share with […]

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Taito’s classic game, Arkanoid Eternal Battle is available on PC and consoles

The classic Taito video game returns in a completely renewed guise, ready to conquer the new generations together with hordes of enthusiasts. Arkanoid Eternal Battle is finally available worldwide on PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One console, Xbox Series X|S and PC. Developed by the Pastagames studio for Microids, Arkanoid Eternal Battle it is the […]

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Black Risotto in the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R roster as the first DLC

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R™ receives new content thanks to its first DLC released today. The gigantic roster becomes even larger with the addition of a new fighter from Vento Aureo: Risotto Nero! Players will be able to enjoy his abilities, his “Metallic” stand and fight as one of the most iconic antagonists in […]

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Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection arrives on April 14th. Pre-Orders are now open

Prepare your NetNavi and join Mega Man in saving the Net Society once again! Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection will arrive on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam on April 14, 2023! Experience all 10 Mega Man Battle Network titles, complete with previously exclusive Battle Chips and the long-awaited NetBattles, and have […]

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The battle moves to mobile ringtones

Record companies have initiated legal action against companies that market, without their permission, their works as ringtones for mobile phones. The legal battle could change hands of hundreds of millions of euros and the future of the recording industry. The story begins in 2000, when the main publishing groups operating in Spain – EMI, BMG, […]

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Starlink: Battle for Atlas: review of the latest toys-to-life

Disney Infinity, Lego Dimensions, even Skylanders. One after the other the major exponents of type toys-to-life have progressively lost their appeal, transforming from an unstoppable money-printing machine to an additional problem for those who have to manage the warehouses of the large video game chains. In a period in which even the famous Activision brand […]

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Avatar: The Last Airbender just arrived in Fortnite Battle Royale

Now that the series Avatar the last Airbender is back in fashion thanks to the new Netlfix series, Epic Games announces a new collaboration of its star game Fortnite Battle Royale with the launch of Items. Players will be able to practice waterbending, earthbending, firebending, and airbending by completing Elements quests to unlock rewards. Avatar […]

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Battle in the unforgettable dystopian world of Slave Zero X in the new Steam Next Fest demo

Ziggurat Interactive, publisher of nostalgic and modern multiplatform games, celebrates the release of a new demo of Slave Zero. Clocking in at around 30 minutes of gameplay, the demo showcases three new areas that players will fight through, culminating in a boss fight with the cunning Enyo. During the demo, players will mete out swift […]

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Battle Princess Madelyn, the review

The genesis of Battle Princess Madelyn it is one of those capable of gathering thousands of views on social media. Christopher Obritsch, a semi-amateur programmer and obvious retro-gaming enthusiast, was playing Ghouls ‘n Ghosts on the TV at home when his daughter Madelyn was enchanted by the first monster, the infamous Statue of Terror, so […]

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Alita – Battle Angel, the review

What makes us human? Our brain, capable of imagining the infinite, our heart, source of life, or our body, which allows us to know the world? Matter destined to decompose and transform, human beings are a living oxymoron, capable of conceiving immortal thoughts within fragile bodies. Great science fiction authors (and Futurama) have tried to […]

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Battle Souls, the review

Battle Souls catapults us into a disturbing fantasy scenario, a world abandoned by the gods and plunged into darkness, where men and villages are at the mercy of hordes of demonic creatures. A group of adventurers decides to go to the mountains, in search of a passage that could guarantee them access to new places, […]

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