Intel launches new Xeon D-Series processors for cloud computing

Today, before the start of MWC 2022, Intel has launched two new processors in the Xeon range, the Xeon D-1700 and D-2700, these are two SoCs designed for software-defined networks and Edge Computing. These chips have great capacities, such as acceleration for artificial intelligence and cryptocurrencies integratedas well as support for Intel Time Coordinated Computing […]

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Using pendrives vs the cloud

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and the possibilities for users are increasing. One of the main problems that arise as a result of this growth is storage, since users have more and more programs and documents that require space to be stored. The dilemma is evident at this point. Personalized pendrives are proposed […]

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Xbox Cloud Gaming receives support for the Steam Deck through Microsoft Edge

As we can see on Catherine Gluckstein’s Twitter account, Director of Product and Strategy, Xbox Cloud Gamingthe Valve Steam Deck has received support for Xbox Cloud Gaming through Microsoft Edge. This greatly expands the games we can play on the console at high levels of performance, but comes with the “disadvantage” that We will need […]

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Intel signs agreement to purchase Granulate Cloud Solution, a cloud optimization developer

Although these days we only talk about the new Intel Arc graphics cardsthe manufacturer has also made a move to maximize performance in data centers and cloud with the acquisition of Granulate Cloud Solutions. The agreement has been signed for the acquisition of this company that develops real-time continuous optimization software for the cloud. Granulate […]

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PlayStation 5 breaks barriers: Sony explores game streaming from the cloud

Sony has announced that it has begun testing the cloud streaming for PlayStation 5 games. This initial test allows users to stream compatible PS5 games directly from Sony’s cloud servers to their console, without needing to download the games. According to Nick Maguirevice president of Global Services, Global Sales and Marketing Business Operations at Sony […]

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The war in the cloud: Google sues Microsoft for anti-competitive practices

In an unprecedented legal action, Google has filed a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) accusing Microsoft to use its dominant position to retain customers in the enterprise cloud space. According to a report published by The Information, Google alleges that Microsoft has abused its power by employing licensing terms in Office 365 […]

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