Steam has published the best games of 2021 with titles that repeat the podium such as GTA V, Dota 2 or CS: GO

Steam announced the winners of the best games for this 2021have been divided into 6 categories where the 100 best of every one of them. In addition, the positions have been classified between Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze where these 100 best games in their class are collected as a podium. The categories are: Best […]

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Fallout 4 surpasses Helldivers 2 and GTA V in sales after the premiere of the live-action series

After the fall of superhero productions, video game adaptations have become the new fashion; and it is not surprising, since these projects have already shown that they can report very good economic results. The most recent success story is the live-action series of fallout, which premiered on April 10 to great success. In addition to […]

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GTA 5 is ten years old

GTA 5 he accomplished ten years. The Xbox 360 and PS3 versions were released on September 17, 2013. It should be noted that they are currently no longer officially supported, but in the meantime the game has also been released on PC, Xbox One, PS4, PS5 and Xbox Series The success of GTA 5 was […]

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GTA Online: Double Rewards on Sales of Special Merchandise and Various Products

Today Rockstar Games revealed this week’s new content for GTA Online. Below you can find out all the details: Double rewards on sales of special merchandise and various products Watch executive benefits increase, receive GTA$100,000 for completing any sales mission, and more. The path to success lies through hard work and a lax interpretation of […]

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Dragon’s Dogma 2: The open world is inspired by GTA 5, says Capcom

There is something that links two seemingly distant titles like Dragon’s Dogma 2 And GTA 5apparently: the structure ofopen worldwith its typical emergent gameplay, is in fact inspired by the Rockstar Games title, explained director Hideaki Itsuno. In an interview published by SamaGame, the director of the game explained that the basic idea, in building […]

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