F1 Mobile Racing, the review

F1 Mobile Racing try to bring the Formula 1 on mobile devices with a driving experience capable of combining immediacy and spectacularity, all using official licenses to offer both fans of the famous motorsport and casual gamers a racer with real drivers, teams and tracks. However, don’t expect the traditional structure that Codemasters has accustomed […]

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GRIP: Combat Racing, the review

Getting ready to review of GRIP: Combat Racing one wonders: where did the Futuristic arcade racing? Between the 90s and the beginning of the 2000s there was a broad movement which evidently saw a close connection between technological advancement, speed, competition and unsportsmanlike violence. The origins of this wave date back to almost thirty years […]

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KartRider: Drift, Nexon’s highly anticipated free-to-play kart racing party game, is available on PC and mobile

KartRider: Drift, Nexon’s highly anticipated free-to-play kart racing party game, is available to download and play on PC and mobile platforms via Steam, Nexon Launcher, iOS App Store, and GooglePlay. During the pre-season, racers can test their mettle on bright, colorful tracks against PC and mobile racers from around the world, rendered with stunning Unreal […]

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Officials in Beijing are racing to track 200,000 people after new explosion hits the Chinese capital

Beijing Health officials are working to detect about 200,000 people who have visited the seafood wholesale market, which is at the heart of a major coronavirus outbreak in the Chinese capital. The city has recorded more than 79 new coronavirus cases since last Thursday, most of which are associated with the Xinfadi food market. Authorities […]

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Team Sonic Racing, the review

Almost seven years after Sonic & All-Star Racing Transformed hit the market, Sumo Digital returns to deal with the kart racing genre in an attempt to offer the public an alternative to the inevitable Mario Kart. The eighth chapter of the over twenty-year series by Nintendo has not stopped enjoying enormous success on a global […]

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Veteran Sim Racing developers Straight4 Studios announce a strategic partnership with PLAION

PLAIONa leading independent developer, publisher and distributor of entertainment products, is proud to announce a newly signed publishing agreement with Straight4 Studios. The newly formed studio is led by veteran sim racing developer Ian Bell, whose resume includes titles such as Need for Speed: Shift, Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends, Shift 2: Unleashed, and the […]

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Street Kart Racing, the review

Street Kart Racingthe subject of this reviewtargets a specific subgenre, that of kart racers on mobile, and sets itself the clear objective of dominating it in every aspect: from the driving model to the rendering of the physics, from the precision of the controls to the integration of SamaGame, passing through a progression system which […]

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Rebel Racing, the review

There Rebel Racing review highlights how the mobile landscape has changed in less than two months, i.e. since the launch of Apple Arcade. The now famous digital platform had the undoubted merit of questioning the format freemiumdespite the fact that this approach was now so rooted in productions for iOS and Android that it was […]

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Hotshot Racing, the review

If you were lucky enough to be a gamer during the early ’90s you enjoyed one of the most exhilarating periods in the entire history of electronic entertainment. The Hotshot Racing review it is therefore a starting point to retrace the memory lane, because the reference to that historical period and specifically to the arcade […]

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Motorsport Manager Online, the review: the racing manager goes online

After three very successful chapters it is natural to develop excellent expectations also for a spin-off that starts with somewhat dubious assumptions, therefore we are preparing with great interest to evaluate the new effort of Playsport Games with the Motorsport Manager Online review. Why do we talk about dubious assumptions? Because after three excellent chapters […]

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