The integrated Radeon 680M GPU of the Ryzen 6000 series reaches more than 40 FPS in Cyberpunk 2077

amd has presented its range of laptop processors Ryzen 6000 Series including for the first time RDNA 2 based graphics. We have already seen that this new card AMD Radeon 680M performs exceptionallyl being a worthy substitute for entry-level dedicated graphics cards. Now we have also been able to see that perform with Cyberpunk 2077, […]

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New version of AMD Radeon Adrenalin drivers with support for Ghostwire: Tokyo

Although AMD has recently published version 22.3.1 of its Radeon Adrenalin drivers for include AMD Radeon Super Resolution, has already released an update to include support for the latest games released on the market. The new version 22.3.2 includes support for Ghostwire: Tokyo and additional Vulkan extensions. Also added a higher performance in the game […]

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AMD Radeon Software version 22.3.1 would be changing CPU settings without permission

As we can read in SamaGame, it seems that version 22.3.1 of the AMD graphics drivers –AMD Radeon Software—is modifying system CPU settings without explicit user permission, something that is causing problems especially for everyone those users who have a specific configuration to have the equipment completely tuned to their liking. For now AMD has […]

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AMD Radeon VII, the review

There Radeon VII is the new high-end proposal from AMD, a card derived from the Radeon Instinct MI50 which does not change its architecture compared to the previous Vega solutions, but varies the production process, flaunting, starting from the name, the use of 7 nanometers in a consumer GPU. And it is a remarkable technological […]

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