MLB The Show 18: the review

The most common criticism leveled against baseball by those who view it from a distance is that it is a boring sport. We must admit that in fact disciplines such as football in FIFA 18 or basketball in NBA 2K18 can enjoy a faster pace which is certainly good also in the videogame field, but […]

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Mediatek has carried out tests to show the new Wi-Fi 7 reaching the maximum speed of the standard

Mediatek has shown the operation of the new wireless network with the 802.11be standard that we know as Wi-Fi 7. With this demonstration he has made known the new solutions of Mediatek Filogic for next generation wireless networks. With this new generation, according to Mediatek, it will be possible replace cable in communications with the […]

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These INFAMOUS: Second Son GIFs Show Stunning PS4 Gameplay Visuals

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably spent the last few days playing with inFAMOUS: Second Son, the newly implemented picture mode for creating gorgeous artistic masterpieces. The strangely addictive feature offers a great way to appreciate the superhero sim’s gorgeous visuals. What’s more, there’s something incredibly satisfying about carefully capturing every pixel of Delsin […]

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Capcom Online Program: date and time of the online event, will show Dragon’s Dogma 2 and more

Capcom has confirmed details about its online event Capcom Online Program on September 21, 2023 at 4:00 pm Italian time. Furthermore, he also confirmed which games will be shown: Dragon’s Dogma 2 Resident Evil 4: Separate Ways & VR Mode Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy Street Fighter 6 Exoprimal Through Capcom official website we also […]

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Fortnite to show the start, Batman begins or The Prestige in its Party Royale mode, depending on your country

Depending on your country, Fortnite will show one of three different Christopher Nolan films: Inception, Batman Begins or The Prestige, for Movie Nite on the big screen at Party Royale.Party Royale’s Big Screen Movie Nite will begin on June 26, and Fortnite will stream these movies at different times, again depending on your country. Movie […]

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Castlevania: an Xbox announcement is coming to the Tokyo Game Show 2023, for a well-known leaker

The well-known and apparently infallible leaker billbil-kun revealed that Castlevania will be the protagonist of a Xbox announcement during the event that Microsoft will broadcast during the Tokyo Game Show 2023. It is a new game of the historic Konami series? The reference to Ladybird / Ladybug could point to a two-dimensional chapter, perhaps made […]

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