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Check out these 4 useful extensions for Google Chrome


One of the things we all like most about Chrome, is its huge number of extensions and applications. The Chrome Web Store is full of useful and interesting plugins. Undoubtedly the most popular browser used by millions of people around the world. One of the features we already mentioned is its extension and apps from the Chrome Web Store. Extensions are like little programs that perform specific actions on the browser, in Chrome Web Store there are thousands of extensions that can be useful.


LastPass is an extension that helps remember passwords, that is, you can save them to review them whenever you want. LastPass saves it with an encrypted password for each one, you only need to know the master password, it is stored on your computer in an encrypted place, when you want to enter a website, it asks if you want to save it, the extension fills in the web forms when you come back to enter that site.

2. Lazarus.

Surely it has happened to you that you fill out a somewhat long form and when you finish you click on accept or finish and you get an error of any kind, and you have to fill it out again, this extension helps to save all that data while you write, they are encrypted and saved in a place of storage, completely safe. You can deactivate the websites that you do not want to save information, if you do not feel safe because it is a page such as banking or registering important information.

3.Evernote Web Clipper

If you are reading something that interests you and you want to save it to read later, as easy as clicking on the elephant icon and it will allow you to save the entire article, a simplified version ie just text, you can save a full page, also make a screenshot screen or if you want just a bookmark. To see them just log in to the account in the browser and all the saved articles will be there.

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With push bullet you can send and receive calls from your browser, you can use Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger, and even SMS messages. You can use while your phone is locked so you don’t have to worry about having the screen on like some apps. That is the basic function, you can find it in the Chrome Web Store.

5.Adblock Plus

This extension is well known to many, it is an extension that is used to block advertising including most or all ads on any web page you visit. It has settings like not working on some sites, or disable for a period of time, some sites work with ads, so you should disable them on those.

What do you think of these Chrome Web Store extensions?


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