Colombia ranks 34th in the Global Connectivity Index

Luis Fernando Velásquez, Huawei’s regional information manager for Latin America, explained in La Nube what the Global Connectivity Index consists of.

It is an index that we launch worldwide in which the study of 50 different countries that represent 90 percent of GDP, which is the world gross domestic product, is shown, and what it seeks is to give visibility the level of connectivity given the digital transformation that exists these days in each country, ”said Velásquez.

Velásquez affirmed that this report is intended to provide “an overview of where they are located and a guide to what countries would have to do in principle in order to scale and have an effective digital transformationl “.

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This report includes 40 indicators in a general way and is based on four main pillars that are: supply, demand, experience and potential issues.

“At the same time, we cross-evaluate issues related to bandwidth, the maturity of the Data Center, the level of penetration, Cloud evolution, Big data, among other things”, He expressed.

Singapore is the country that leads this connectivity indexd, followed by South Korea, Japan and the United States. For its part, Colombia is located in position number 34.

Colombia is located in 34th place, it is not the first country in Latin America, but it has climbed decisively in recent years thanks to the advances it has presented”, He assured.

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