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Company emerges focused on offering custom PS5 covers


A couple of weeks ago, PlayStation revealed to us the interior of the PS5. To access the console fan, SSD and other components, it will be necessary to remove the side covers of the console. Faced with this revelation, something that had already been rumored, A company has emerged dedicated to offering users various customization options related to this piece of hardware.

Seeing the demand for a black PS5, or some special edition, a company under the name of PlateStation 5, has been created with the aim of offering users a range of colored covers for Sony’s next console. In addition to the desired black color, we find options in a red, blue, silver and military green tone.

Below you can see a gallery of the available models.

The PS5 is not yet out on the market and it seems that we already have options to customize the console. Each pair of caps costs $39.99, and the company ships internationally. However, it will be better to wait for an official option or find out how efficient these products can be.

Undoubtedly, this opens up a huge line of options for all those who want to customize their console. What design would you use? On related topics, Netflix and more streaming platforms will be available on PS5 from day one. Similarly, the position of the console will not affect its performance.