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Comparison between the two big Apple: iPhone 8 Plus vs X


We know these two devices: iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone Xthe high end that I bet ManzanaWhich one should we choose? It is not always easy to answer, they have similar characteristics, but they are not the same, it all depends on what type of user uses it. Let’s start with the dimensions of each one, on the one hand there is the iPhone X with 70.9 wide x 143.6 high x 7.7 mm thick, the iPhone 8 Plus is larger, with 78.1 x 158.4 x 7.5 mm, the 8 Plus does cover more space in the pocket, if there is a very noticeable difference.

Construction materials

The construction materials of X It’s steel and the back is glass, on the 8plus It is aluminum «from the 7000 series», both are resistant to water and dust, they have IP68 certification. The 8plus is heavier, since its weight is 202 grams, while the X weighs 174 grams, in the X they removed the Home button for gestures that are useful, and you get used to it after a while, obviously we don’t have Touch ID anymore but it has a technology called FaceID that recognizes the face thanks to a projection of 30,000 points detected by an infrared camera.

Screen and Hardware

On the screen we find differences that are even visually remarkable, in the X we have a Super HD Retina”, an OLED 5.8 inches diagonal in the ratio of 19:49:9 with a resolution of 2436 x 1125 pixels, the inevitable 3D touch, a density of 458 ppi and support for HDR, Dolby Vision and the P3 color range.

the of the 8plus it is 5.5-inch diagonal IPS in a 16:9 ratio with 3D Touch and 401 ppi density, both are great panels but different, OLED vs IPS. In the hardware the two have practically the same, processor Apple A11 Bionic and 3GB RAM LPDDR 4Xthe 8 is clearly faster but in itself they are one of the fastest phones.

Camera and autonomy

In the camera there are not many improvements between the two, but in the X there is a small improvement in terms of colors In its autonomy the iPhone 8Plus win a little, even if you have a slightly less spacious battery: 2675mAh against 2717mAh . In both, charging is slow with the supplied charger and there is also wireless charging. Fast charging is only possible with chargers sold by Apple. It also has optical stabilization and has an f/2.4 aperture compared to an f/2.8 on the iPhone 8 Plus. Optical stabilization on iPhone X means you get better shots even in difficult light conditions. The maximum resolution of 4K to 60 frames, which is slightly better on the iPhone X, thanks to the brighter sensor. The audio of the videos has a good quality but it is not perfect.

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The iPhone 8 Plus is sold in the AppleStore for 949 euros with the 64 GB memory variant and it is not expandable. Go up a bit to 1119 euros for the 256 GB memory version, the iPhone X reaches a price of €1,359 for the 256 GB version. In general, each phone is according to its use, the 8 Plus is a little more resistant, it is made of aluminum, because the X It has glass on the back and its screen covers more and therefore is more prone to breaking when falling.

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