Control has exceeded two million units sold

Control it continues to be ranked as one of the most successful Remedy games in recent years. Just over a year after its release, Remedy Entertainment, the company responsible for the title, has revealed that this installment has sold more than two million copies worldwide.

Along with this, Remedy commented that last November was the strongest sales period for the game. Similarly, the number of copies sold digitally has increased considerably. While in 2019 this version covered about 60% of total purchases, in 2020 this number rose to more than 90%.

Control has exceeded two million units sold

Along with this, Remedy also revealed more information about the company’s future projects. Continuing down the Control path, Sam Lake who worked on Alan Wake, has mentioned that there is great interest in multimedia content of this title, so there is the possibility of seeing even a series of this property in the future. Likewise, Lake commented that the next game in the study will take place in the shared Remedy universe, which includes Alan Wake and Control.

On the other hand, it was commented that The collaborative project between Epic Games and Remedy is a completely new IP, and will be coming to consoles and PC. Development is being funded by the company behind Fortnite, although it is owned by Remedy.

Lastly, it has been revealed that Vanguard, Remedy’s next big project, will be a service-based free-to-play multiplayer game, although it will have the characteristic narrative force of the titles of this study. However, do not expect to see anything on this development anytime soon, as it is still in the early stages, although the tests have been positive.

We remind you that Control is now available on Xbox Game Pass. Similarly, the game’s next-gen upgrade has been delayed until 2021.

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