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Could From Software be confirming ‘Bloodborne 2’ in their new ‘Déraciné’?

Could From Software be confirming ‘Bloodborne 2’ in their new ‘Déraciné’?

From Software It has moved away a bit from what we are used to and has just released ‘Uprooted’, your new virtual reality adventure for Playstation VR. In this game we must solve a series of puzzles to discover something (we will not give more information because we do not want to make any spoilers).

Although it has only been on the market for hours, there are already those who have played it and have come to draw their own conclusions and have given rise to different musings. As you surely know, From Software is the same studio that brought us the saga‘Dark Souls’ and the game ‘Bloodborne‘, titles that made us cry blood but are, without a doubt, already part of the history of video games. Although it has already been declared that the ‘Dark Souls’ saga is closed and no more titles will be made of it … What about ‘Bloodborne’?

Well it seems that this ‘Déraciné’ is foreshadowing something since there are two curious nods to ‘Bloodborne’ in it that the players have not gone unnoticed. The first and clearest is hidden within the description of a doll named Fiona. When interacting with it, a “channel / establish contact” gesture is made that may be very reminiscent of ‘Bloodborne’ but it is also that, when we read its description we see the following:

“A doll of the stone girl Fiona
that appears in the unfinished story.

Considering that the appearance of the wrist is very reminiscent of a certain doll that appears in the Hunter’s Dream from ‘Bloodborne’ … Could this mean that the unfinished tale is being continued?

Another detail that makes people suspect is the appearance of this book.

Both the name “Blood & bones” as the typography, the Moon, crows, some elements of the clothing of the protagonist … doesn’t it remind you of‘Bloodborne’? We do, although we have to admit that we are so eager for it to be confirmed that we see signs everywhere. Hopefully it is true and the study will surprise us soon with this good news. We will cross our fingers?

What do you think? Wink or coincidence?