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Dark Souls III inspired by Bloodborne and so on to infinity

Dark Souls III inspired by Bloodborne and so on to infinity

During a live broadcast in which From Software showed Dark Souls III, new aspects of the gameplay could be seen that have to do with the movements to dodge doing side steps. Although the demo was successful, in the end what people were left with was the resemblance between the studio’s next title and Bloodborne.

For starters, the area featured in the demo looks pretty much the same as the outside of Yharnam, with trees, tombstones, fences, enemies, and other elements that feel familiar to those who played the spin-off series.

The fact that the host of the broadcast decided to set aside his shield to focus on a two-handed knife also did not help to differentiate this title from the latest PlayStation 4 exclusive. Something that was not mentioned but that is easy. One thing to notice is that when you put the weapon in two hands, the magic bar is reduced, a novelty in the combat system that could have to do with the new “Weapon Arts”, unique to each weapon. In addition, there is a kind of potion similar to the emblematic Estus Flask but to recover magic.

Of course, the backstabbing is still present, but this time the blood spurts that we saw in Bloodborne are maintained, including the visual and audio effects.

The fact that they maintain a gameplay similar to that of Bloodborne, which is more action-oriented, could have to do with the fact that the studio seeks to appeal to users who like action more than strategy. Let’s remember that the Dark Souls series has always been characterized by deep attributes inherited from sophisticated RPGs, such as magic, damage status and armor weight, among other things.

Dark Souls III inspired by Bloodborne inspired by Dark Souls II inspired by Dark Souls inspired by Demon’s Souls and so on ad infinitum.