Diablo III: Eternal Collection – Review, the struggle between good and evil moves to Nintendo Switch

Times have changed: there are no more half seasons, rap is dead and Nintendo has definitely turned the corner, throwing the heart …

Times have changed: there are no more half seasons, rap is dead and Nintendo has definitely turned the corner, throwing his heart over the obstacle to embrace a philosophy that, in addition to winking at third-party titles, does much more. Diablo III Eternal Collection changes the face of the King of Action RPGs Blizzardthat’s how!

Evil hasn’t rested for decades

The story that unfolds in this version for Nintendo Switch hasn’t changed at all: regardless of the character you choose between Barbarian, Crusader, Necromancer, Mage, Shaman, Monk or Demon Hunter, these will meet in New Tristram, a city located in the world of Sanctuary. The first act of the story sees the essay as protagonists Deckard Cain and a mysterious character who has lost his memory. We do not reveal anything else about the plot because, although the title is not new commercially speaking, many maybe approach this third and rich chapter for the first time. However, we can tell you that the story can be concluded in about ten hours, only to discover that with each turn of the five acts, you can increase the difficulty of the game and reach the maximum possible level, or the seventieth degree of experience.


We could define the Switch version of this title as diabolical: The game runs fixed at 60 fps, regardless of the number of enemies you will find yourself facing, the effects of light and magic that will inevitably fill the screen, will always be fluid and well defined, both in TV and portable mode. We do not hide from you that we were somewhat amazed by the quality in portable mode to the point that we do not regret at all the console version of the “larger” cousins ​​(PlayStation 4 and Xbox One), much less the PC version, although there are substantial differences. The control of the game with the Joycon Switch controls is excellent and never before is the “dodge“(Can be done with any character thanks to the right analog stick): this function has been available on consoles for some time, but in Diablo III: Eternal Collection is truly an essential element within the gameplay, allowing the player to manage monsters aggro in a different way than in the PC version.

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Another difference in this version lies in a more technical nuance: the legendary objects that you will find in the game will have extra features in addition to the canonical ability highlighted in orange; considered a small thing by many, it clearly changes the game system, thus allowing more experienced players to combine different objects in a different way, effectively giving a new way to play this title. The choice of inserting the multiplayer mode locally with the use of the single Joycon is interesting, which in this case uses the accelerometers placed inside to make up for the lack of a second analog stick, thus allowing the player to equally exploit the dodge. . Important thing to remember is that it is Nintendo Switch Online system subscription required to enjoy online multiplayer mode.


The word end does not seem to affect neither the name of the series, nor the character to which it refers: although it is a game of six years ago, Diablo III: Eternal Collection is a real gem that is renewed and is happy to be replayed even by veteransthanks to both the fabulous versatility of Nintendo Switch, and the entry of new features such as support for Amiiboand the arrival of exclusive skins such as that of Ganondorf. The King is back and eternal torment is upon us!