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  7. Diablo Immortal: unveiled the next Closed Alpha with new content

Diablo Immortal: unveiled the next Closed Alpha with new content

Diablo Immortal: unveiled the next Closed Alpha with new content

Blizzard announces the arrival of the next Closed Alpha for Diablo Immortal with new content, for now it is planned only for Australia.

Diablo Immortal is about to see new light in the coming months with an unprecedented one Closed Alpha very rich from contents. Blizzard has indeed announced which will make a closed version of the Alfa available for some selected players, precisely a few thousand, residing in Australia. Unfortunately, we do not have information precise as regards the landing of the trial version also for theEurope or the North America, although the Blizzard team has assured that they want to allow all fans to try the game in an unspecified future.

In fact, the developers they said they wanted to to concentrate on an area with less activity of players, to start their tests on the various modes and features that the full game must have, including an intriguing system of PvP in real time. Despite the absence of the title in other countries, including ours, this opportunity should allow the publisher not only to accurately test the sector multiplayer but above all to reveal ourselves new details on production.

Indeed, Diablo Immortal Yes will present in this new Closed Alpha version with numerous additional content including a classroom well known by veterans of Diablo 3, namely that of Crusader. A warrior armed with flail and shield dedicated to close combat but who does not disdain the medium distance with also some spells (miracles). The types of heroes that can be selected will be: Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, Magician and the aforementioned Crusader. It remains to be seen when the Necromancer.

When the new class is added, they also add up new areas and settings with dungeon to be explored and conquered with team play. Among these we mention the Mount Zavain, a sacred place inhabited by monks but now haunted by terrible goat demons and the winter setting for the Frozen Tundra and the relative underground of the Cave of Echoes, which promises to test the most daring players.

L’occasion it was good too to know more the interesting ones fight mechanics PvP and of factions, with the players who will be able to play respectively in the role of Shadows or of Immortals. At first all new players will start their journey as Adventurers, a neutral figure who will face challenges PvE against game enemies.

Once you have gained enough experience it will be possible to choose to play the role of one of the two opposing factions, who will fight in various types of activities both against other players that against the enemies controlled by artificial intelligence, to make one’s part prevail. All topics covered by the Blizzard developers also in the video that we leave you at the bottom of the article.

The mechanics presented frame the Shadows as lethal warriors, necessary to test and battle the Immortals, or warriors of light, in order to temper them and make them stronger and more capable of facing the terrible threats of the game universe. A hostile world where the war between Angels And Demons rages relentlessly.

The players who will take on the role of Shadow they can therefore also compete with each other to train and then challenge the best of them Immortals And reclaim their throne. This mechanic will be managed with various activities such as raids where the Shadows will have to enter the Treasuries of the Immortals and steal as much loot possible by also eliminating the defenses that are present there. To counter them, Immortals will be summoned who will have to prevent the Shadows from going out with the loot.

Certainly interesting ideas which will also be added to events with a fixed frequency which will only allow one limited quantity from competitors to get the coveted prize at the end of the levels, placing the two factions accordingly at loggerheads and pushing them to fight as well as possibly collaborating in front of tough opponents led by AI.

The Ritual of Exile should instead be the main mode of the title, with a strong emphasis on direct battle between groups of players who will contend for the throne. If the Shadows were to win, they would take the place of the Immortals and consequently the prize, if instead they were to be defeated the reward will be given to the warriors of light who would keep the throne and their status.

All interesting features that make us rethink the turbulent announcement of the title way back in 2018, and which now, after a few years, is presented in a structured way, leaving us with the hope that the product will be able to guarantee hours of good fun when it is officially released.