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Did The Last of Us lead to the cancellation of Resistance 4?

Did The Last of Us lead to the cancellation of Resistance 4?

The Last of Us Killed the Resistance: The sad story of how The Last of Us led (according to insiders) to the cancellation of Resistance 4.

Few Sony fans now remember that we could have seen Resistance 4, and today it seems clear why: in a nutshell, the blame is to be attributed to The Last of Us. The shooter series of Insomniac Games it was back on the shelves for the last time almost ten years ago.

At the time, though Ted Price (CEO of Insomniac) did not have “definitive plans” to carry on the franchise, the development team had proposed a fourth chapter to Sony. During the latest episode of the PlayStation-themed podcast, Sacred Symbols, the developer Colin Moriarty shared a sad secret.

According to some acquaintances of Moriarty at Insomniac Games, the plans for Resistance 4 were all right, but Sony refused because with The Last of Us the post-apocalyptic headlines would have been too many. At the time, in fact, in addition to these two, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Horizon: Zero Dawn and Days Gone were at the beginning of development.

For Sony, the premise of a fourth Resistance would have been too similar to the Naughty Dog title, and the Japanese giant didn’t want the two titles. competed with each other, or prove too much for the players. According to Moriarty, “that’s where Resistance ceased to exist.”

It is news that is certainly not nice to hear, but it certainly does not mean that Resistance is really destined to remain out of the game forever. With the monopoly of the past Game Awards for The Last of Us: Part II and the eager wait for Horizon: Forbidden West, the appetite for the post-apocalyptic it is not finished yet.

We would not rule out a priori, therefore, that now the premise of Resistance 4 is more attractive to Sony’s upper echelons. It’s not that Naughty Dog’s idea for a zombie apocalypse caused by a parasitic mushroom and Insomniac Games’ alternate story caused by an alien invasion have a lot to do with each other.

We will hardly ever know the whole truth about it: the cancellation of Resistance 4 could be due to the ability of the aliens of Insomniac to recruit humans with the infection. Or is it instead the transition from the British to the US setting for the second and third Resistance?

However, we can’t even know if this year’s E3 will bring any news about it. All we know is that Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart will be released at the fair, bringing with it other worlds from Sony.