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Dolmen: unveiled the Sci-Fi game that winks at Dead Space

Dolmen: unveiled the Sci-Fi game that winks at Dead Space

During E3 2021, the software house Massive Work Studio officially presented the brand new Dolmen project, arriving in 2022.

With the onset of this crackling E3 2021, unfortunately only and exclusively in digital, the first announcements have arrived, even from less known software houses, but not for this to be underestimated. Among these we find in fact Massive Work Studio, which he officially presented Dolmen, a brand new IP to be published by Koch Media.

The presentation of Dolmen took place through a long gameplay video, which allowed users to see the potential of this new title up close. The game, which looks like a Action RPG with third person view, in fact, promises to be extremely interesting, as well as the right opportunity to get to know the development team better.

As shown by the gameplay trailer, the title Sci-Fi horror from the colors Lovecraftian developed by Massive Work Studio seems to draw some inspiration from two important video games of the genre, Dead Space And Returnal, without however renouncing a strong personality.

The game, set on a mysterious planet named Revion Prime, will force the player to clash with monstrous creatures and will force him to explore the territory in search of equipment and resources with which to craft all that will be needed to survive.

Dolmen has been developing by relying on the dear and well known Unreal Engine 4 and will be published on PC and console. Thankfully, the game’s launch window has also been revealed, which will see its release in the course of 2022. The title, as well as the modality singleplayer, will also present a modality multiplayer, although not too many details have been revealed about it.

Before leaving you to the video shown during the Dolmen presentation, which as always you can easily find on the cover of this article, we remind you that the game will be published by Koch Media and will be included in the brand new publishing label Prime Matter. Furthermore, during E3 2021, the highly anticipated PayDay 3, the new chapter of the beloved FSP series, was also officially presented.