Download and install Android 9 Pie on your computer that simple

Android 9 Pie is currently the most recent version of the Android operating system, this version was launched approximately two months ago but only a small percentage of users have been able to enjoy it. If you want to try Pie on your PC, you will surely be interested Bliss OS, it is a project in development dedicated to bringing the experience of the operating system Android to computers, whether notebooks, laptops or desktops.

Test Android with Bliss OS

Bliss OS relies on compiling versions of Android that can be executed outside the ecosystem of smartphones and tablets, it will be characterized by being very well worked, complete and free of advertising. You don’t need a powerful model to have it and run it, the requirements are very short; the ISO or the image that we want to install, a PC or laptop with Windows and a virtualization program (for example VMware Workstation Player).

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To use it you have two options, you can burn the image to a disk or use a pendrive to install the image or run it with the image ISO (recommended if you want to try it first or have little knowledge). You must restart the computer with the recorded image if you used a disk or a pendrive, in case you have installed the ISO, you must boot the ISO from the virtualization program. XDA displays the installation guide like this:

  • Download the ISO file
  • Use Rufus or similar to record to USB drive
  • Disable Secure Boot, Bitlocker, and any other boot security
  • Boot into the USB drive.
  • Run Bliss OS in live mode to test if everything is ok, proceed to next step
  • Boot into the USB drive and choose Bliss OS Install.
  • Install the version, and make sure what you are doing.
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Download and install Android 9 Pie on your computer that simple

When starting for the first time, you must follow the steps indicated until you reach the system boot, where you can use it without problem. We can use it as a mobile with Android Pie, however, it does not have Google services, but it does have the F-Droid app to download applications. We leave you the XDA Developers guide so you can guide yourself more on this.

Would you like to use Android on your PC?

Source >> XDA