Downloading videos and Music from Youtube has never been so easy.

At present there are already many applications that allow us to download music or videos from YoutubeEven now it is no longer necessary to download the music because there are applications that give us the opportunity to listen to them without having to download it, a clear example of music in streeming is Spotify a very popular application that gives us this service.

But we don’t just want listen to music and we want download a video of Youtube to later see it offline we can use OGYoutubeThis application is a YouTube client but it brings us several improvements, one of the most popular is the option to download videos at the same quality as the video, if we find a video in one resolution 4K We can download it without problems, also if we want to download only the audio we can change the format to mp3 so that we only download the sound or audio of the video. Even this app allows us to download a video with built-in substitutes.

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If we want to download this application we will not be able to find it in the Google play, we have uploaded it to the platform Mega and Mediafire so you can download it from the server you like the most.

OGYoutube | Mega
OGYoutube | Mediafire

What do you think of this app? Have you tried them?