Electronic commerce in Colombia will sell USD 2,268 million in four years

These figures indicate that Colombia will be the leader in the region in the forecasts for the next few years in this type of business.

In the last decade, internet transactions They have become one of the most dynamic segments for the purchase of gifts in the December seasons.

According to the figures reported by Fenalco, a 40% of total sales at the commercial level it is done during this period. Likewise, the figures reported by Euromonitor International, the ECommerce in the national territory will have an expansion of 174% until 2021, going from the current US $ 1,043 million to more than US $ 2,861 million for this year.

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According to the international firm, the trend in electronic commerce exceeds direct sales, which is estimated to generate US $ 2,268 million in transactions within four years. These figures indicate that Colombia will be the leader in the region in the forecasts for the coming years in this type of business.

For this reason, and in order to provide an inexpensive and easily accessible option to people who are looking for toys to donate or sell during the Christmas season, Superbid, a company specialized in the sale of assets through online auctions, will carry out the sale of more than seven batches of Dupree brand toys through this channel.

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The auction that is already open and will take place on September 27, includes 7 lots of 3200 units each, within which are items such as: token games, balls, junior set, musical seahorse, remote control car, princess castle, karaoke microphone, doctor profession set, extreme twist, ice cream maker, junior chef set, my best friend dog, shining sword, magic pony, children’s float and kids slang, among others.

“Through an auction you can sell anything. In the case of assets that companies in different sectors of the industry no longer use, either due to changes in inventories, renewal of equipment or why they are stopped; these generate a very large cost in terms of maintenance, administration and taxes, “said Helena Balcázar, General Manager of Superbid Colombia.

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He added that “in the same way, people or companies can anticipate and anticipate the purchase or donation obtaining a very good price, as is this auction of toys that although it is used for direct sale, it can be taken for the donation of educational material for needy children ”.

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