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Everspace – Review, Rockfish Games’ space roguelike arrives on Nintendo Switch

Everspace – Review, Rockfish Games’ space roguelike arrives on Nintendo Switch

It has now been over a year and a half since its first debut on PC and in this period of time Everspace has slowly conquered an audience …

It has now been over a year and a half since its first PC debut and in that time frame Everspace has gradually conquered an ever wider audience. Born as a Kickstarter project, the space roguelike created by Rockfish Games it has proven to live up to expectations and has gradually expanded its boundaries, thus debuting also on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The real challenge for the developers, however, comes only now, with the debut of the game on Nintendo’s hybrid console. You are therefore ready to discover how does Everspace behave on the Nintendo Switch?

A little look at the game

Let’s start by saying that, just like on other consoles, Everspace makes its Switch debut in its Stellar Edition version; This edition includes, in addition to the base game, a beautiful artbook, the soundtrack of the game and Encounter and the first major expansion of Everspace that adds many new features to the game, including new characters, new missions and new equipment.

The player who enters Everspace for the first time will be able to choose between two different modes to play: a normal mode and a hardcore mode. By choosing the first, the user will be able to set the level of challenge that best suits him and engage in space battles to the death that will lead him to live adrenaline-fueled adventures or wander lifeless in the cold cosmos. In any case, after each death the player will find himself inside the hangar and, before starting all the schemes again, he will be able to spend the credits earned in the previous life to buy new ships or to upgrade the one in his possession. The Hardcore mode instead takes the difficulty of this title to a completely different level: in fact, in addition to setting the challenge level on Hard, it forces the player to fight tooth and nail to escape permadeath. Last but not least, those who face the Hardore mode will have to choose each sector they will explore a handicap that will remain active for its entire duration. More information on the game can then be found in our previous review dedicated to the PlayStation 4 version.

How does Everspace perform on Nintendo Switch?

No more chatter, let’s analyze the Switch version of the game in detail. Everspace goes very well with the Nintendo hybrid console: indeed the space roguelike created by Rockfish Games is well suited to both long gaming sessions in the comfort of your home, both in medium-short sessions on the move, allowing the player to complete one or more schemes during his travels. Just like in the PlayStation 4 version, here too iThe controller is perfectly optimized, a fundamental requirement to face complex space battles at the latest laser. However, it is worth saying that the best configuration with which to face our space battles is certainly through the use of the Nintendo Pro Controller, which guarantees the user greater comfort and better control of their spaceship, an indispensable requirement to face this. title to the highest difficulties.

Graphically, the version of Everspace for Switch has nothing to envy to the other versions already marketed: in fact the game is beautiful to see both on the small screen integrated into the console, and on the television and, in both configurations, the FPS always remain stable, making the game very fluid.

Also, just like the PlayStation 4 version we previously reviewed, inside the Stellar Edition there is a digital artbook which shows sketches and game images, accompanied by an exhaustive explanation of how this title was created and the techniques used to perpetrate this purpose, and the soundtrack complete with Everspace, containing over 60 songs for a total duration of over 3 hours.