Extremely rare figures of Goku have possibly been lost forever

Tragedy has befallen collectors of figures from Dragon ball. It was recently revealed that a shipment with several figures of Goku Ultra Instinct, was hit by a storm on November 30 in the Pacific Ocean, northwest of Hawaii, losing nearly $ 200 million in cargo. Among all these products were the Goku Ultra Instinct figures, which are no longer in production.

Since yesterday some users have begun to receive emails from Bandai Namco where this tragic news has been revealed. This was what was commented:

“The ship carrying Bandai products was hit by a severe storm and lost many containers near Hawaii. The ship is in the port of Kobe, Japan, to investigate its damage. The ship will remain between several weeks and more than a month in this place. We are currently waiting to hear from the authority on the status of the container and will announce any shipping information as soon as it is available. “

Originally, these figures were to be sold exclusively at conventions. However, due to COVID-19, they were sold for $ 60 online, a price that has currently been doubled on sites like eBay. However, it seems that all is not lost, the first editions of Goku Ultra Instinct were shipped without any mishap. Unfortunately, the orders per user were those that went on the ship that was attacked by the storm.

Similarly, Figures from Androids 17 and 18, as well as a special one from Gohan, were also on the ship. However, at the moment the status of these collectibles is unknown. We hope to have more information about it in the next few days. The only way to replenish the supply of Goku Ulta Instinct, is if Bandai Namco decides to make more figures. Without a doubt, a sad day for collectors. On the positive side, no one was hurt by the storm.