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Facebook and its location policies draw the attention of the Senate

Facebook and its location policies draw the attention of the Senate

Facebook continues to cause controversy, and this time it’s about location policies, an important aspect, but above all delicate for users. For years millions of people have been victims of violence, kidnapping and extortion; In most cases it is due to recklessness, the US company has not applied any type of policies to counteract this type of situation.

A reinforcement of location policies is undoubtedly necessary, in order for Facebook to regain confidence a bit; but this does not seem to happen. The US Senate seems to be still a bit uneasy on the issue of location, where they have even called on the CEO to give an accurate explanation, but above all proactive; so that there is no problem in the future.

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Two US Senators Concerned About Location Policies

Among these concerns we find two Senators who despite the fact that they do not share the same political lines, they joined to make a call to Mark Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook, in which they do reference to whether users want to hide or restrict location data; the company must respect it.

“Location data is among the most sensitive personal information that a user can share with a business. We appreciate Facebook’s attempt to proactively inform users of their privacy choices. However, we are concerned that Facebook does not actually offer users the level of control that the company suggests these settings provide »

Part of what was said in the letter written by Senator Christopher Coons (Democrat) and Josh Hawley (Republican) but they have not only made this exhortation, these two characters have also asked Zuckerberg if despite the fact that users limit the data location even so Facebook collects information, They have also made mention of the data shared to third parties.

This is where you notice the unfavorable position on the part of the social network, and this is not surprising since the scandal about the sale of information to other companies; has caused great unrest around the world, and thanks to this Mark Zuckerberg is in the eye of the hurricane and any mistake he makes can even lead him to trial, where the platform can come to an end as we know it. Hopefully it will not go that far, but it is true that these types of companies must guarantee us security, and they need a strengthening of their policies in general.

Source: Cnet