Facebook eliminated 150 accounts that sold fraudulent products in Colombia

The request was made by Invima after verifying that the products did not have a sanitary registration.

The National Institute for Food and Drug Surveillance (Invima) asked Facebook in Colombia to remove 152 profiles that they were marketing products that did not have a sanitary registration and that were therefore fraudulent and were causing potential harm to the health of consumers.

Several of the profiles that no longer exist were dedicated to selling products to reduce fat and lose weight. But they were never licensed by Invima so they either didn’t have the promised effects, or they had dangerous compounds.

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Some of the alleged brands that no longer have their own Facebook page are XIBION, Eurofit and Ultra ZX, Nitro Fit, Airt Fit, Green Tea, Sundown Naturals, Ghee Butter, and Blue Energy.

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Invima has been carrying out a campaign for several months to combat the spread of sales of this type of item through social networks. A recent example is a product that does not have any type of endorsement from Invima and is marketed on the networks to grow beards in men.

The entity asked consumers to check before making any transaction that the jars, packaging or containers have the legitimate sanitary registration of the Institute because to reach it, The entity carries out a rigorous process to verify the quality and effectiveness of the components, in addition to ensuring that there are no health risks.

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