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Facebook Gaming without games on iOS, the company criticizes Apple

Facebook Gaming without games on iOS, the company criticizes Apple

Even Facebook joins the chorus of criticism of the stringent policies that characterize the Apple App Store.

That Apple is very jealous and protective of its operating system and its devices is certainly not a mystery, but it still left everyone surprised by the news, released yesterday, that Project xCloud will not be available to all users who have a iPhone or iPad. This news, the underlying reasons for which are reported in our dedicated article, was predictably destined not to remain an isolated case. And in fact, in the very last few hours, too Facebook has released a series of critical statements against the Cupertino company on the occasion of the launch of the app Facebook Gaming.

Although the latter is primarily a video streaming app, on Android allows its users to play instant minigames which, in the iPhone and iPad version, have not been authorized by Apple. Through a short press release issued to colleagues at The Verge, the Chief Operating Officer of the Zuckerberg company, Sheryl Sandbergexpressed Facebook’s disappointment and frustration at not being able to offer a full gaming experience to its users iOS due to Apple’s adamance and its policies:

Unfortunately, we had to completely remove the gaming functionality to get Apple’s approval to publish the Facebook Gaming app, which means iOS users will have an inferior experience than those using Android. We will continue to focus on building communities for the 380+ million people who play on Facebook every month, whether Apple allows it in a standalone app or not.

Facebook also added that in June, during the last one WWDC (the annual Apple Developer Convention at which it was announced iOS 14), had appealed to the new revision policies of theApp Store but without receiving any response from the company. A further comment on the story, always coming from the blue social network company, comes from the head of the gaming area Vivek Sharma:

This is a pain shared by the entire gaming industry that ultimately hurts gamers and developers, and severely hinders mobile innovation for other types of formats, such as cloud gaming.

Pending and hoping that Apple decides to loosen the grip of its policies regarding cloud gaming, it is therefore not surprising how the current scenario is arousing ever greater discontent and concern in the entire video game industry.