Facebook will give the option to include advertising in its videos and live broadcasts

Slowly Facebook is a giant that is getting bigger and bigger and its desire to control a part of the Internet has no end. It directly bought the social networks that attract the most users today to eliminate any type of competition, no matter how minimal. It turns out that there is no end to your desire to make money and Now it allows you to include advertising space in the videos you upload or live broadcasts so that users can obtain an economic benefit.

The latter caused controversy months ago since, without going any further, the videos that other users posted on Facebook (sometimes they did not even own the video) often obtained more views than those uploaded on their native platform, YouTube. But this is another topic that will receive an article from me if it persists, although lately things are calmer.

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More advertising within Facebook

There is no other way around Facebook gives you the option to put advertising on your multimedia content. To be more specific, these are advertising breaks in the middle of the prerecorded videos or short advertising breaks in the middle of their live broadcast.

It will work in such a way that it will only be applicable on pages with more than 3,000 followers and during broadcasts that are currently being viewed by 300 or more users at the same time. Ads will only last 20 seconds and they can only be inserted after 4 minutes of broadcast and at intervals of at least 5 minutes.

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A problem or an advance?

I honestly do not know, I do not know if this is something that will make the snowball bigger or it could really be an important advance that manages to position Facebook as a direct competitor of YouTube and its more than proven ad system with which you can be paid.

What do you think about it?