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Facebook will pay for user data: the tech news of the week


Facebook will pay for user data: the tech news of the week

A generation of autonomous vehicles and Google’s new smartphone are the latest tech developments in America.

These are the main tech news of the week in America:

1. Google publishes the first images of its Pixel 4 phone

Google released the first images of its Pixel 4 mobile phone, which It is not scheduled to be presented until after the summer., after several days in which rumors have been unleashed on the internet and speculation about this model has exploded. The image shows the rear of the terminal and its camera, which in this new model consists of at least two rear lenses within a box in which there is also a type of sensor.

2. Nintendo shines at E3 with Zelda, Animal Crossing and Luigi’s Mansion

The sequel to “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”, “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” and “Luigi’s Mansion 3” grabbed the attention of E3 this week, the most important video game fair in the world in Los Angeles (USA). The Nintendo Direct of 2019, which lasted about 45 minutes, relentlessly linked trailers and previews of novelties such as “Astral Chain”, “Panzer Dragoon: Remake”, “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” and “Pokémon Shield” and “Pokémon Sword “.

3. Huawei pressures Verizon to pay for its patents

The Chinese manufacturer Huawei informed the US operator Verizon that must pay licensing fees for more than two hundred of its patents, compounding tension between the group and the United States, who accuses him of espionage. The patents in question range from networking equipment to cable infrastructures to Internet of Things technology, affecting hundreds of providers.

4. Uber and Volvo present the new generation of their autonomous vehicle

Uber presented this Wednesday the new generation of autonomous vehicle developed together with Volvo, which It is the first production “capable of being fully self-driving”. The XC90 has redundantly protected braking and steering systems designed to be controlled by a computer, although this car will still have a steering wheel and accelerator and brake pedals.

5. Facebook launches a new app to pay users for their data

Facebook announced a new application that pays money to users in exchange for accessing their data, after in January the company was forced to close another service that performed the same function after unleashing a controversy over its use by minors under age. The app will be called “Study from Facebook”, is voluntary like its predecessor and the company will pay money to users to incentivize their participation, although he did not specify how much.

6. New York will keep limits on Uber and Lyft licenses

New York will maintain its limits on the number of rental vehicle licenses with driver (VTC) from companies such as Uber and Lyft for at least one more year. introduce new measures to support taxi drivers. The limits, first imposed in August last year, will continue through at least August 2020 to ensure these drivers limit their traffic to 31% of their work time or they will face fines.

7. The “ubercopter” will begin to fly over New York on July 9

Uber will start its air taxi service, the so-called “ubercopters”, starting next July 9 at a price of between 200 and 225 dollars in what would be the average trip, in helicopters with a maximum capacity for five passengers and two pilots. Helicopter service will have a predetermined route between a location near the Staten Island Ferry in lower Manhattan to JFK Airport, with a flight time of eight minutes.