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Fallout 4: the disappearance of River, the dog who inspired Dogmeat

Fallout 4: the disappearance of River, the dog who inspired Dogmeat

River, the German Shepherd used as the basis for the companion Dogmeat model in Fallout 4, has passed away. Joel Burgess made the announcement.

River, the beautiful female German Shepherd who inspired the companion Dogmeat in Fallout 4, he left us today. He announced his death Joel Burgess, the developer owner of the animal who, in a Twitter post, described what it was like to work with River and his impact on the development of the video game.

The dog was a constant presence on the team working on Fallout 4, and had been used as a model and reference point for Dogmeat. His behaviors, movements and attitudes had been studied and used as a basis for the creation of the virtual model.

The former developer of Bethesda, in an open letter addressed to fans and enthusiasts, said:

Today I said goodbye to River for the last time, many of you know her as Dogmeat in Fallout 4. I thought that on Twitter it would be better to look back, rethinking her impact on the video game.

River loved to make people happy… sometimes he brought us large items. His intentions were pure, although his judgment was not always perfect.

Dogmeat is a constraint. It will bind you to the world, it will always remain by your side, it will lead you to your family and it will anticipate all your needs. His wish is that you are safe and happy. And if love is River’s legacy, I can only be happy about it. Rest in peace, my girl.

The wish of the developers of Fallout 4 was that Dogmeat was first and foremost a teammate it’s a ally in fighting. It was initially unsure whether River would be the subject from which to extrapolate the video game companion model, as Bethesda’s team was researching professional dogs, with film training or being part of the police dog teams.

In the end, however, River was the better choice. His behavior in the game is based on the typical attitudes of German Shepherds, by nature a lot protective, ready to stand between what they love and danger.

This didn’t just give Dogmeat one distinctive fighting style compared to the other allies in the game, but made the companion a friend, characterized by realistic and natural behaviors.

Losing a loved one is never easy, especially if that someone is a dog who has always stayed by your side. The hearts of Fallout 4 fans (and others) are close to Joel Burgess and everyone who knew River. The best thing is that, in the role of Dogmeat, the beloved dog I will be able to continue to live and bring joy to people.