Fan creates an Xbox controller with DualSense features

One of the most interesting aspects of the PS5 is the DualSense. The controller has earned the admiration of millions of fans thanks to its adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, and much more. The leap that Sony made with this accessory was so impressive that some people believe that Xbox could do something similar. Now, a fan has been tasked with creating a design that illustrates this idea.

Eduardo Diestro Escudero, known on Twitter as Dreamer360X, is a fan who has created several interesting hardware designs in the past. He recently gave us an Xbox controller with a design similar to the DualSense, which includes a touch screen in the middle, and change the position of some buttons.

This is what Escudero told 3DJuegos about its design:

“Since the DualSense was announced I really liked both the design and the new features. And with the words of Phil Spencer, I was encouraged to imagine a design for the Xbox controller that could incorporate those functions. Maybe not as the standard console control, but as an alternative one, as is now the case with the ‘elite’ models. Whenever any of these ideas come to me, I like to try to capture them and give them visibility ”.

Without a doubt, an Xbox controller with some of the DualSense features sounds pretty cool. Even Phil Spencer has been amazed by this piece of hardware. Perhaps in the future Escudero’s work will stop being an illusion and will become a reality, everything will depend on how the industry continues to react to DualSense.

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