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  7. Final Form is a bullet **** set in post-cyberpunk

Final Form is a bullet **** set in post-cyberpunk

Final Form is a bullet **** set in post-cyberpunk

Final Form, the new futuristic bullet **** developed by Reikon Games, has just been shown during the E3 conference.

Final Form, the title shown during the E3 conference, is the new futuristic first person shooter game, set in an adrenaline-pumping world: in the title we will play the role of a cybernetic Valkyrie, ready to save humanity from extinction.

Developed by Reikon Games, independent studio from far away (so to speak) Warsaw and already strong with a title published on Steam and full of positive reviews. On this occasion, they pushed themselves to take the plunge and produce a new title.

The title looks like a bullet **** reasoned Doom style, but promises a real breakthrough in the world of first-person shooter games: players will be able to fully customize the aesthetic style of their Valkyrie, radically change its active or passive abilities (on the other hand it is a robot) and team up with different robotic saviors, in a scenario that the authors define “post-cyberpunk universe“.

Final Form was developed with Unreal Engine 4. The title announced during E3 does not yet have an expected release date, however, we know that both performers will move our Valkyrie in this frenetic dance PC that the consoles of old woman (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One) e new generation (PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S).

The developers have also stated that the game must be seen as something that goes beyond mere bullet **** or first person shooter, or “the happening of a lifetime”. In addition, the game will allow you to experience the entire adventure in cooperative, permitting at any time the entry of another player who, helping us, it will gain advantages in its rescue such as Valkyrie skins, unique and rare weapons, weapon skins or simply in-game currency to spend in the virtual shops of the game world.

Waiting for further information, we remind you that during the E3 2021 conferences we will not fail to keep you updated constantly.