First look at the huge Far Cry 6 map

Last week we saw the first gameplay of Far Cry 6, and naturally fans have been eager to see more about the new proposal of Ubisoft. The game will be released in October, so we should not wait until 2022 as previously rumored, but that does not mean that the community is going to sit idly by waiting for its developers to release new information, and today they discovered how great what will be the map of Wound, fictitious city where the title is developed.

Via Reddit, Username u / PaulMorrison90 shared the first look at this new one. At first glance, it appears to be quite large and much more diverse than in previous installments. It seems to have different biomes and even an island to the side. In the gameplay you could see cities, jungles and an oil rig in the ocean.

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Despite the vast size of the map, Ubisoft said they had no intention of ditching next-gen consoles, so in theory gamers of PS4 and Xbox One they will be able to travel this world without much trouble.