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Fortnite Crew: Save the World in the May Pack Contents

Fortnite Crew: Save the World in the May Pack Contents

Epic Games has announced the exclusive content for subscribers to the Fortnite Crew service of the month of May 2021, let’s find out together.

Fortnite announced the new content dedicated to subscribers to the service Crew for the month of May. In the package, the presence of the mode stands out Save the World, made available for free to all Crew members.

Let’s go in order. First of all, starting at 2.oo on May 1st (Italian time), Crew members will be able to use in Fortnite Deimos, the skeletal soul-stealer. This new character will be usable both as costume in Battle Royale mode, but also as a Ninja-class hero in Save the World mode, this will be available free of charge forever by all subscribers. Not a bad gift, as it allows you to get Fortnite V-Bucks for free and – almost – limitless.

In addition to this new skin, service members will be able to count on several objects that will be part of the Neo-Inferi set, or the decorative back Margin of torment, the Pickaxe Hand of Pain, the Eco fatal cover and the Skull Ambush loading screen of Deimos himself. These objects will be available in two colors, both in red and black, and in black and green.

In addition, subscribers will have immediate access to the Battle Pass of the Season: specifically, users active at the time of the launch of Chapter 2 – Season 6 will receive the Pass. If you have already purchased it, do not worry: a refund of 950 V-Bucks on your account. That’s not all, because the Crew members will get 1000 V-bucks per month, as usual.

If you subscribe to the Crew service before 2.00 am on May 1st (Italian time), you will get all the contents included in the April package, among which the fascinating Alli, the Squittio decorative back, the Liskelly pickaxe, the Cat’s Paw cover and the Catwalk loading screen stand out.

If that’s not enough for you, be aware that Crew subscribers can request a code to redeem a 3-month subscription for Spotify Premium (let’s talk about it in more depth here).

In short, the home shooter Epic Games continues to surprise its most loyal customers. While waiting for the month of May to bring with it the new package of contents, let’s discover the new features introduced with the update 16.30, released today (you can retrieve them here).