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Fortnite: footballers Kane and Reus and the UEFA EURO Cup 2020 are coming

Fortnite: footballers Kane and Reus and the UEFA EURO Cup 2020 are coming

Epic Games has confirmed that Fortnite will welcome footballers Kane and Reus in a few days, also announcing the UEFA EURO Cup 2020

F.ortnite will soon receive two new characters particularly loved by the public, the two football champions Harry Kane And Marco Reus, which will immediately join the new one team Series Icons. The two new protagonists will be available starting from 02:00 (Italian time) of June 12, 2021, the effigy of both will be available as a bundled costume or can be purchased individually.

After the recent tournament to get the free Deathstroke skin, at this link our in-depth analysis, Fortnite will host some games after the champions Kane and Reus la UEFA EURO Cup 2020, with a cash prize pool and aesthetic rewards.

All players will be able to participate in round 1, and the best will be able to access the second, below the details

The winners will get a slice of the really big prize pool, let’s talk about well $ 50,000, while those who have obtained at least 10 points will instead receive theWinner cup emoticon and those who have accumulated at least 20 will Kick-Off spray. To participate you will need to enable 2FA on your Epic Games account and make sure it is at least level 30. Through the official rules you can consult all the details of the tournament.

The Icon Series kicks into full gear with two of soccer’s finest. @HKane and @woodyinho are coming to the Island.

Read to see when these two stars are arriving and get some details on the Fortnite UEFA EURO 2020 Cup where cash prizes are on the line.https: //t.co/RkI3SN6yVt

– Fortnite (@FortniteGame) June 9, 2021

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