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  7. Fortnite is inspired by Among Us: impostors announced

Fortnite is inspired by Among Us: impostors announced

Fortnite is inspired by Among Us: impostors announced

Fortnite is updated by introducing the new impostors mode, which is very inspired by Among Us, making it even more interesting.

News coming soon for Fortnite as, starting today, the new impostors mode will be available, who, winking at Among Us, transforms the matches into a mole hunt, between Agents and Imposters. In the new mode it will be possible to play with 10 users, of which 2 will be the impostors and the other 8 the agents of the Imaginary Order.

A few days ago we told you about the denial of a collaboration regarding the characters within the famous free-to-play title, which however led to the arrival of a new game mode, which will make many users happy. From the first details it emerges the possibility of being able to create private matches, so that you can play together with your friends.

Anyone who wants to join a public match can do this without problems, knowing however that the public voice chat will be disabled, leaving the various players the ability to communicate through the emotes and the Quick Chat menu. You will need to have eyes everywhere and pay attention to every detail, as the enemy is hiding everywhere.

Each team will be transported inside the OI headquarters, where it will be possible to perform various tasks, including Battle Bus repairs, Storm report delivery, and more. Be careful though, as your opponents will be able to perform special operations.

All impostors will have the following skills at their disposal, which will help them sabotage the game:

This new mode is available right now adding thanks to the recent update, expanding the little information that had been made available at the time.