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  7. Fortnite: Is Loki Coming? Check out an official teaser

Fortnite: Is Loki Coming? Check out an official teaser

Fortnite: Is Loki Coming? Check out an official teaser

On the social channels dedicated to Fortnite, a teaser image dedicated to Loki has sprung up as the next content for the members of the Fortnite Crew.

On the Twitter profile of Fortnite a teaser image has appeared that would herald the arrival of a skin dedicated to Loki, one of the most loved characters by fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The teaser is simple but effective: in the photo we see one of the two iconic horns of Loki’s helmet that sports within the first Thor film and the subsequent The Avengers, with the respective logos of the game and the eponymous 2012 crossover film.

Plus, the post description adds that Mecha Cuddle Master he was not the only one to reach the island, but that someone else also passed through the portal.

This, as well as a reference to the game, is certainly an inside joke regarding the films and the current television series on Disney +, where we often see the god of deception moving from place to place through portals. The post hints that the Loki-based skin will be available through the package dedicated to members of the Fortnite Crew coming next month.

It seems Mecha Cuddle Master wasn’t the only one who found their way to the Island.

Looks like a trickster snuck his way through the portal and into the Fortnite Crew this July 👑 pic.twitter.com/z2V1wFSSwl

— Fortnite (@FortniteGame) June 25, 2021

It is not the first time that Fortnite skins dedicated to the characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and other more classic ones coming from the comics make their entry, but while often to obtain them the players had to complete challenges or buy them, this would seem not to be the case. Just sign up for the Fortnite Crew along next July and the package will be yours, even if at the moment we don’t know what the full skin will look like, let alone the release date. We will have to wait for further updates.

Most likely the content of the pack will not be just this: each release dedicated to the Crew contains at least one tool attached to the character’s skin, such as emote, glider or pickaxes. In this case we could expect a weapon inspired by Loki’s scepter directly from the movie The Avengers, remaining in theme with what is shown in the teaser image from the Fortnite Twitter.

Not just on Disney +, then, since this will be Loki’s summer. We remind you that with the arrival of version 17.10 Fortnite has received several news and updates. We talked about it all in this article.