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Fortnite Season 6 – Guide to where to find Corvina Reborn and the unstable bow

Fortnite Season 6 – Guide to where to find Corvina Reborn and the unstable bow

Here is our guide to finding Corvina Reborn and the unstable arc in Fortnite Season 6, the brand new season of the acclaimed Battle Royale

With the start of the brand new Season 6 from Fortnite, fans were able to witness an incredible number of new introductions, including weapons and new mechanics, which were able to completely modernize the formula of the game. Throughout the day today, Epic Games then released an update that includes several new weapons. Among these, the unstable bow certainly stands out, which can be purchased by a specific character: Corvina. So here is our Fortnite Season 6 guide in which we will explain where to find Corvina Reborn and get theunstable arc.

The new Season of Fortnite has seen the arrival of a weapon that fans have been waiting for a long time: thearch. The noble arrow weapon, easily found during your games, can be combined with different objects, to create exclusive types arc, including the explosive, the incendiary, the shock wave and the stinking one.

With the brand new update, however, Epic Games has introduced the unstable arc, a brand new one exotic weapon which blends all the four types of arch available. In fact, every arrow shot will be different from the previous one, thus going to mix different types of bullets, thus allowing you to result unpredictable in the face of your enemies.

The exotic bow, as anticipated, will be available exclusively from Corvina Rinata, one of the new characters of Season 6 borrowed directly from DC Comics. To reach Corvina Reborn in Fortnite Season 6 all you have to do is reach the house located on the edge of the cliff at northwest from Sweaty Sands.

Once inside the house, interact with Corvina Rinata, who will give you an object like all the others NPC. From the dialogue menu, then select the unstable arc and buy it. The price of this brand new exotic weapon is well 500 gold bars, obtainable by completing the various acceptable tasks just by talking with the NPCs, including Corvina Reborn. In fact, she too will be able to assign you tasks that will allow you to obtain gold bars.