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Fortnite: the plasma cannon arrives with the update v17.21

Fortnite: the plasma cannon arrives with the update v17.21

Fortnite is updated with the update v17.21, introducing the plasma cannon, a new weapon capable of destroying any type of structure.

With a video published on the official channel of Fortnite, the plasma cannon arrives with the update v17.21, a new weapon capable of instantly destroying any type of structure. The peculiarity of this new weapon also resides in the fact that in addition to being obtainable from chests, it can also be created.

After the recent confirmation of the arrival of the Ferraris in the title, Epic Games brings in a new weapon, whose potential can create very particular situations. As anticipated before, given its nature, the plasma cannon can be obtained both from normal and OI Chests and by combining a legendary gun with an alien nanite.

The official description, also reported on the post on the site, is as follows:

As in a bad science lesson, plasma balls have become means of destruction. What was once used to educate young people, or to cover stains on the floor, is now a tool of war. Attached you will find a dossier on the “Plasma Cannon” created by the OI.


As for the rate of fire, the plasma cannon can fire up to 5 energy balls, only one at a time until he runs out of shots. Enemies that are hit take severe damage and are knocked back, as do vehicles in the path of these slow orbs of energy.

The Plasma Cannon is IO’s answer to, well, just about everything the Aliens can throw at ’em.

This pea-sized pistol packs quite a punch! #HotSaucersLeakshttps: //t.co/QXR24TC7c9 pic.twitter.com/aJiPcRR4HJ

– Fortnite (@FortniteGame) July 27, 2021

Technically, as also confirmed by the post itself, only one sphere can be fired at a time, but if you alternate more plasma guns it is possible to increase the quantity. In addition to the addition of this new, and incredibly powerful, weapon, the game has also included another novelty, which will however be revealed completely later.

In fact, in the official description we find the arrival of a mysterious spaceship over the next day, the nature of which will be revealed later.

A strange alien spaceship floats above the Tomorrow … OI calls it “strange” because it doesn’t seem to have any hostile intentions. It has been predicted that its purpose will become clear in the near future.

So we just have to update Fortnite with update v17.21 on all available platforms, so we can start using this incredible weapon right away.