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Fortnite: the skins of Samus of Metroid and LeBron James are coming?

Fortnite: the skins of Samus of Metroid and LeBron James are coming?

The future of Fortnite with new skins, minigames and dedicated events. Many news leaked from the documents related to the lawsuit against Apple.

Despite the lawsuit between Epic Games And Apple is becoming more and more aggressive, with lots of documentation leaked on the net about the revenues of Fortnite in the two-year period 2018-2019 (which you can find at the following link), the innovations that the most popular game in the world will soon bring must continue their journey. Always referring to the case in progress, and always from the same documents that have been brought to the scrutiny of the judges, we can in fact learn some of the new future plans regarding minigames, ai events and at skin that Epic Games has in mind to bring in the near future.

It would therefore seem that, in the near future, we may be able to use all or some of the following skins obtainable through special events. We point out what is reported in the official document:

In particular, the list shown here has been put in this order perhaps not by chance. The voices of Samus Aran And Naruto, the first of the list, are in fact transcribed immediately after those “redeemed” not so long ago on Fortnite as the skins of Master Chief, Kratos And Sarah Connor. Not just clothing, of course, but as we said at the beginning of the article, Epic Games has plans for some too minigames and specific events.

What we can learn, always keeping the documentation related to the cause in progress as a source of inspiration, is a basketball-focused minigame, rather arcade-style, perhaps designed to promote the NBA. Hence, the connection with another skin that we could soon see inside Fortnite, that of LeBron James. Strengthened by not only sporting fame, but also linked to the film of Space Jam: New Legacy coming out soon, a character of the genre alongside the recent introduction of Neymar Jr. can increase even more collaborations in the sports field with the company Epic Games.

The Apple Vs Epic Games case is only just beginning, and a lot of other information could leak out from the documents handled by the judges. Stay tuned to discover all the news related to the world of Fortnite and beyond.