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FRAG Pro Shooter, the review

FRAG Pro Shooter is a SamaGame-based shooter that tries to put together the most interesting and best-tested features of the mobile competitive landscape. We start from the formula: although two teams each made up of five take to the field personages, there are only two users who manage them, controlling one hero at a time and leaving the others to the artificial intelligence, with the possibility, however, of directing their actions offensively (“attack this tower”) or defensively (“defend this tower” ). When the fighter we pilot is eliminated, we will be able to choose which other team member to respawn, taking advantage of infinite lives.

Kills earn points and experience from a progression perspective, but do not count in the match, which ends when one of the two participants manages to score 1000 points by hitting the three enemy bases starting with the two side ones. From this point of view, the title of Oh BiBi naturally refers to Clash Royale, but this is not the only aspect inspired by the Supercell blockbuster: cards And coins they are unlocked by opening the chests that are earned with each victory and which can be stored in four slots, with timed or rapid opening if you want to spend some valuable currency. The cards allow both to obtain new characters, drawing on a roster that has over forty of them, and to enhance those already in our possession, divided into categories depending on the specialization.

The long period in soft launch has allowed FRAG Pro Shooter to build a very large and enthusiastic user base, which makes the matchmaking of the game particularly fast: you enter a match within a few seconds, a minute at most, and the system appears well balanced in pairing users with a similar level of experience. Once you have completed a quick initial tutorial, you can take to the field taking advantage of a control system very well implemented touch, with two repositionable virtual analog sticks on the left and right side of the screen, as well as an automatic fire system that allows you to concentrate on movements and shoot when we have a target in the aiming reticle.

Additional icons allow you to reload the weapon (reloading is automatic when the ammunition runs out), send a message to the opponent, change the visual from third to first person and activate theability special. The latter characterizes each character in an important way, but it is not the only distinctive trait: from one hero to another the class to which they belong and therefore the weapon used also changes, which can range from simple pistols to machine guns, passing through various types of rifles and rocket launchers. Each setup has strengths and weaknesses that balance it out very well gameplayand thanks to the balance of matchmaking, situations are avoided in which one finds oneself facing very strong opponents, who have been able to significantly strengthen their deck both with normal progression and by using their wallets to forge ahead.

There are constant references to monetization, but even if you want to stay free, the structure is rich. As in the aforementioned Clash Royale, depending on the level of experience it is possible to access new scenarios, and there are ten available: enough to keep the involvement high for quite some time. The technical implementation refers to the cartoon style of the classic Team Fortress 2, using cel shading and unlikely proportions to represent protagonists who however do not have a stratospheric design and indeed often end up generic. The glance, however, is excellent and on the iPhone

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