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From Dead Space to Silent Hill: 10 horror IPs we’d like to review

From Dead Space to Silent Hill: 10 horror IPs we’d like to review

Silent Hill and Dead Space have one thing in common: they are two of the most interesting horror IPs that the video community would like to replay.

Among the great titles that have bewitched the videogame landscape in the past, there are many, indeed many, that we would like to review in the near future: whether they have a following in their history, whether they have improved in a remastered or even in a remake, the list would be very long. But in today’s article we don’t want to focus in a generic way on the video games that the community is clamoring for. We want to make room for a list that will focus only on horror products that we find more interesting and that we would like to play again, albeit in a new sauce. Dead Space And silent Hill are just two of the big names in horror that will tickle your fancy.

Together we will (sadly) observe a parterre of titles that have made history on consoles, mainly fifth and sixth generation. Without hesitation, let’s go to the gist of this list, which we propose in no particular order.

Dead Space

Dead Space is currently one of the most rumored titles, and not just in the horror field. The possibility of a comeback in a big way seems to be there, and the reveal – based on what has been revealed by insiders – should be close enough. But let us introduce this videogame title with just one sentence, represents the fear of boundless space: if you are in danger, if you are attacked by monsters of all kinds, the ball is up to you and no one else. Cruel, deeply splattered, known for dismembering one’s enemies.

The only point of reference is the Ishimura spaceship, teeming with necromorphs and alien creatures of all kinds. Acclaimed for an intriguing narrative and an innovative and deeply dynamic gameplay, it is undoubtedly a product that we would like to have back on the market.

Project Zero

Project Zero is a made in Japan title set in Japan. The little protagonist is trapped in an old medieval house and can only survive by trapping the spirits in photos taken with her own “camera obscure”. The dynamics of gameplay – or rather the choice to focus on defeating enemies not through normal combat but through photos to be taken in first person – made it particularly interesting for the community. We would be curious to see it return, perhaps even more dynamic but not distorted in its spectacular characteristics.

Alone in the Dark

How many of your friends would it come to mind Alone in the Dark if you asked him the name of the first PC horror that traumatized them? Probably many more than you might imagine. Here is the title that we could define as the initiator of the survival horror genre, deeply inspired by the works of the writer HP Lovecraft. Revolutionary for its time and loaded with horror themes in every facet: Alone in the Dark undoubtedly deserves to return to our screens and we are waiting for nothing else.

Rule of Rose

Rule of Rose is a survival horror in which we find the very young as the protagonist Jennifer, a dramatically orphaned child. Arriving in an English orphanage she finds herself threatened by a group of boys called “The aristocracy of the red pencil”. In order to survive the abuses of these deviant young people, Jennifer she will find herself offering them a different gift each month. His only ally? A very sweet dog. The history of this videogame product is not only interesting but also very original. It caused a sensation, especially in Italy, but it is a title that would undoubtedly deserve a return.

silent Hill

How could we include Dead Space in this list of horror titles without taking into account the unique and inimitable silent Hill? There community has been claiming this for years, we are officially talking about a comeback in a big way and I myself am not in the skin for this news. It is a marvel of the horror genre, not only for older generations: its style and its gameplay dynamics were the inspiration for many games that would be developed years later.

A complex, very introspective story and one of the most dismal atmosphere of all existing videogame products. Konami tried to somehow match the success of Resident Evil and he succeeded in his intent, creating a product that does not exist on the market.

Forbidden Siren

The first horror video game that the writer has tried, the one that shocked her for days on PS2 as a child and made her sleep in bed with mom and dad. Forbidden Siren is another game made in Japan deeply inspired by the oriental landscape – on a spiritual and cultural level – e set in a remote village on the outskirts. Divided into chapters that add new problems from time to time and characterized by a gloomy and gloomy atmosphere, capable of making adults spend sleepless nights: absolutely on the list.

The Suffering

Again a sixth generation title, this time developed by Surreal Software. Perfect union of indifferent gameplay – going from exploration to decidedly more action and excited sections – The Suffering undoubtedly deserves to be added to our top of IPs that we would like to see revived. Defined by all as something more than a simple survival, a special hybrid form between genres that at that time was an excellent option (given that pure and important survival horror were already appearing en masse). Perhaps of all the games mentioned, this was the most forgotten, we hope to hear about it again sooner or later.

Dino Crisis

Dino Crisis arrives on PS, Sega Saturn and PC trying to be inspired by the stratospheric success achieved by Resident Evil. Full 3D graphics, puzzles, military base exploration and a prehistoric enemy that pursues us relentlessly throughout our journey. This is a product designed by Shinji Mikami in the hope of creating a new videogame pearl. We can undoubtedly say that he succeeded.


Fromsofwtare decided to develop a survival horror, trying to follow in the wake of the aforementioned Project Zero. We are in feudal Japan, a wealthy landlord gets up in the middle of the night hearing the singing of some children. Man falls prey to a ghost from the female figure – a recurring image in Japanese culture – who kills him and drags him into a room hiding him (and hiding himself).

Our role will officially begin as two young men who will explore the haunted house trying to drive out the evil forces that inhabit it. A product again focused on ghosts and on the evil spirits that has been able to bewitch the public and that we would like to see reinterpreted in the future.

Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem


Last game on this horror list (but not least) after mentioning Dead Space And silent Hill, it is essential to conclude by talking about Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem which was produced for the GameCube and initially designed for the Nintendo 64. This title, too, like Alone in the Dark, is inspired by the tales of Lovecraft and creates an atrociously fascinating atmosphere. The narrative focuses on Alexandra Roivas who decides to investigate his grandfather’s death, until he finds a book called The Book of Darkness. Reading it has the opportunity to relive moments in the life of Pio Augustus, a Roman centurion of 26 BC and also of other characters from different historical periods.

A well thought out product, inspired to the right point and with a deeply compelling narrative. Concluding pearl that we hope to be able to play again in the not too distant future.