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Games we expect from E3 – Detroit: Become Human

Games we expect from E3 – Detroit: Become Human

When Heavy Rain arrived at the time, the French team of Quantic Dream directed by David Cage immediately became the target of looks, and it is that by then their proposal to present to the public what their studio called interactive dramas drew attention in an industry of video games that over the years has been expanding its limits in terms of its genres and formats.

Heavy Rain was very well received, we liked its mysterious touch, its gripping story and its multiple endings, which we can’t say for the studio’s next opus, Beyond: Two Souls, which was even more ambitious in its performances with recognized Hollywood talent, but a more linear story in which the end of the story was the beginning of the game and without as many variations as those that Heavy Rain offered us at the time.

In Paris Games Week last year, David Cage returned to the stage after presenting a Tech Demo of his technology at the PS4 presentation event, to everyone’s surprise that other demo that we saw at the time of “Kara” would become a whole video game because Detroit: Become Human, the studio’s new interactive drama, was announced.

Last year at E3 I had the great opportunity to be in an extensive session behind closed doors in Detroit: Become Human with David Cage, who told us about the ambitions of the new project of the French team, from which an interesting article was derived that in its time we discussed, but in conclusion what I can tell you is that Detroit: Become Human will try to get much closer to what we liked about Heavy Rain over what the public did not like about Beyond: Two Souls.

What awaits us in Detroit: Become Human?

-A David Cage-style interactive drama that plays very similar to the studio’s previous titles: exploration, quick actions and QTE.

-A story with several faces, we will not only control Kara and Connor who have been revealed but we will know several stories that will be intertwined, in the same way as what we saw in Heavy Rain.

-It runs on a new graphics engine and last year when we saw the demo running we could see that it looks great, especially the expressions of the characters.

-The game presents us in the city of Detroit in the year 2036 and its history presents us with a group of androids oppressed by humans. His story draws inspiration from literary and film thrillers such as Black Dalia and Memories of Murder, as well as Humanity 2.0.

-We are expected to have a long story to tell with over 2000 pages of script, lots of endings and plot lines, more than we had in Heavy Rain.

-We will not have a story with chronological jumps like Beyond: Two Souls, but rather a linear order like Heavy Rain.

-There will be no good or bad endings, no right or wrong decisions, Cage told us last year that each plot line is special and sometimes what might seem like a mistake ends up making things much more interesting.

-All decisions will have their consequences and actions that seem insignificant can transform the entire course of the game’s history.

What will we see from Detroit: Become Human at E3? When does it come out?

The most possible thing is that this title is among the exclusive proposals coming soon to PS4, so it cannot fail to be present at E3 2017.

While last year we only had the gameplay session presented by the Quantic Dream team, it is very possible that this time we will be able to try it, of course we expect new trailers and fresh details about the plot of the game already shaping up for the preparation of its launching; It is very possible that a release date will be confirmed.

If we had to guess when it’s going to hit stores, we’d expect it to be later this year, though it sounds much more likely that it’ll be out in the first half of 2018.

Of course, just like last year, we have an appointment to check out all the news about this game, so if it catches your attention, we recommend that you don’t miss all of our coverage.