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Gears 5: Operation 8 will be the death of the game, it’s official

Gears 5: Operation 8 will be the death of the game, it’s official

The Coalition has unveiled the release date of Operation 8 of Gears 5, but it is unfortunately officially confirmed that the game is now dead.

Following its debut in September 2019, The Coalition continued to support Gears 5 with many new ones Operations, a total of 7, to then announce today the latest glorious update of the game in this sense, theOperation 8, of which we finally have the details: whose release date of Drop 1 is set for August 3, 2021.

You can admire the first game sequences in the video on the cover of the article, which for (the usual) reasons of truculence of the series Xbox Game Studios can only be seen on the YouTube platform. Although it is a farewell rather than a goodbye, since probably the forces of the team are now focused exclusively on new projects, some interesting news for Operation 8 of Gears 5 have been made official.

Recently the developer presented to the world a tech demo of theUnreal Engine 5 nothing short of spectacular, which anticipates the quality that we will be able to find within its new productions, waiting to know more about the possible Gears 6 that will be able to continue the events of the new protagonist Kait Diaz, who has now claimed totally the throne of Marcus with the last chapter.

The developer has confirmed that in Operation 8 we will be able to confront two new characters, Bernie Mataki, a COG veteran who has already helped Marcus during the events of Gears of War 3, and the locust Ketor Vral, which will also enter the roster of the next-gen title.

Furthermore, after the many additions of the past seasons, among the glories of the old chapters such as Fiume and Fondamenta, we will have the opportunity to compare ourselves with the map Ritual, of which we do not yet know the details.

According to the senior community manager at Gears, TC_Shauny, the servers will obviously remain online and the new Tour of Duty will continue to be refreshed over time, probably with a system that entices players to continue the various daily missions and exceed the goals that this has offered us since day one of the game. Actually, we still don’t know if it was a gimmick that The Coalition could decide to implement within the new chapter, given the fluctuating feedback that this has received over the months.

Although the contents will remain somewhat narrow, it is possible that there are further changes regarding the shooting and the balance of the various weapons and maps in the versus sector, which after the heavy tuning of Operation 5 it hasn’t changed dramatically, except for minor tweaks to fix bugs and problems created over the months.

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