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Genshin Impact for PS5 is available for download, let’s find out what’s new

Genshin Impact for PS5 is available for download, let’s find out what’s new

The day has come, Genshin Impact officially lands on PS5. Here are all the improvements introduced thanks to the release of the next-gen version

Here we are. Genshin Impact, the highly acclaimed free-to-play open world action RPG developed by the Chinese software house miHoYo is finally available for download on PS5. The version of the game specially designed for the new Sony flagship introduces several improvements, so as to enhance the gaming experience and the new features of PlayStation 5 and DualSense.

There next-gen version from Genshin Impact introduces in the action RPG, in addition to support for the maximum resolution of the 4K at 60 FPS, one improved graphic rendering And lightning-fast loading times (so as to speed up travel within the game world). But that’s not all, in fact, owners of a Sony console (PS4 or PS5) will be able to easily access the title, and consequently their respective saves) by simply logging into their PSN account.

Unfortunately, according to what emerged from the official release, the PlayStation 5 version of Genshin Impact is not yet able to share its progress with other gaming peripherals (PC or mobile device), however it is possible to engage in co-op game sessions with these platforms.

Finally, we point out that theaction RPG open world free-to-play from miHoYo has recently received a new update (1.5), allowing players to access a variety of new content to try.

Waiting to be able to try the native version of the game for the new flagship from Sony, we remind you that Genshin Impact is available for free on PS4, PC, mobile devices (Android and iOS) and now also on PS5. If you want to know more about the highly acclaimed title of the Chinese development team, at the following link you can find ours review complete.

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