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Genshin Impact – Guide to the best 5 star characters, with alternatives

Genshin Impact – Guide to the best 5 star characters, with alternatives

In this Genshin Impact guide we will see together the best 5-star characters (with some useful alternatives) among all those present

Although very few would have bet on it, Genshin Impact has been able to quickly conquer gamers, becoming the favorite game of millions of users all over the world. Given the great attention obtained by the open-world free to play branded miHoYo, we have therefore decided to write a guide in which to see together the best 5-star characters (with some useful alternatives) among all those present in Genshin Impact.

5 Stars: Tartaglia (Childe)

The current state, Tartaglia is undoubtedly the best water-type DPS in the game, relying on single volleys of attacks with which it will be possible to inflict millions of damage. We are talking about an attack that still takes a long time to recover, so it will be necessary to use it wisely to get the better of the most complicated clashes.

4 Star Alternative: Xingqiu

If you haven’t had the opportunity to unlock Tartaglia, don’t despair. Xingqiu, in fact, is an excellent alternative in the field of water-type DPS. Also in this case we are talking about a character with long recovery times, but the strength of his attacks has (almost) no equal. Also, Xingqiu is considered to be the best support for fire-type characters, so keep that in mind.

5 Stars: Hu Tao

there the character able to do the most damage among all those present in-game. If you have been lucky enough to have obtained Hu Tao, it means that your games will be passing by spreading death and destruction everywhere, the perfect choice for anyone who wants to execute fast and devastating attacks.

4 Star Alternative: Xiangling

Although Xiangling cannot hold its own against Hu Tao, it still identifies itself as a very good DPS. Furthermore, using some sidearms, it has several similarities with the latter. As a fire-type character, using her attacks in conjunction with Vaporize and Melt can lead to powerful combos and his Pyronado ability, moreover, not only causes considerable damage but also has a considerable duration before needing to be recharged.

5 Stars: Diluc

Diluc is one of the best fire-type DPS to hit the scene, easily able to stand up to every other choice present in-game. His elemental abilities are able to reach vast areas where the unfortunate will receive violent fire damage in a very short time.

4 Star Alternative: Bennett

If you can’t count on Diluc, then you should bet on Bennett, very easy to get character. We are talking about a character armed with a sword and whose main ability appears quite similar to that of Diluc. But Bennett’s, unlike Diluc’s ability, will inflict continuous damage in addition to normal damage, at least until its effect wears off.

5 Stars: Twenty

The current state, there is no character who can match the usefulness of Venti, which can in fact launch into the sky without the need for updrafts. This alone makes him a very useful character, not to mention that his elemental ability also allows him to have an effect on opponents, with monstrous results in terms of damage and with a duration in time long enough to allow other members of the team to perform. some useful combos.

4 Star Alternative: Sucrose

If you haven’t had time to get Venti, you will find a great alternative with Sucrose. While not having the same agility of movement or the same capabilities in terms of damage, her abilities allow her to group enemies in a specific spot on the map and then perform a powerful attack, which makes it perfect against large groups of opponents.

5 Stars: Qiqi

Qiqi is definitely the best healer among all those present in Genshin Impact. Additionally, this frost-type zombie wizard is versatile enough to be a great aid in combat as well. All his skills are dedicated to healing, but some allow him to inflict periodic damage as well, a detail that should not be taken absolutely lightly.

4 Star Alternative: Barbara

Since Qiqi is a fairly difficult character to obtain, a great alternative could be Barbara. After all, let’s talk about the best healer after Qiqi, and in this specific case it will be the game itself that will bring her into our party. Additionally, her water-type support skills make her perfect on any team with at least one frost-type character.

5 Stars: Zhongli

While not having the same immediate impact as other DPS characters, Zhongli is a great choice for anyone who wants to create a good party, thanks to particularly powerful ground-type abilities and, above all, his Burst, a huge meteor that inflicts violent damage. Its ability to generate shields also allows it to withstand many particularly dangerous attacks.

4 Star Alternative: Ningguang

Since Zhongli is particularly difficult to obtain, an excellent alternative will be Ningguang, another land-type fighter whose abilities, in addition to being characterized by devastating violence, they also offer a bit of defense that will prove very useful in both ranged and hand-to-hand combat.

5 Stars: Keqing

Keqing is considered by many to be the queen of electro and type characters its teleportation abilities also make it particularly fun to use. Her abilities, while not particularly powerful, allow her to achieve agility and speed that no other character possesses, a great choice for hit and run attacks with which to break enemy defensive lines.

4 Star Alternative: Razor

Speaking of good alternatives to Keqing, the first name that comes to mind is definitely Razor, especially given its damage capabilities coupled with good freedom of movement. He may not have the same agility as Keqing, but with his devastating Burst he will still be able to give players a lot of satisfaction.

We have come to the end of our guide dedicated to the best 5-star characters – with relative alternatives – among all those present in Genshin Impact. Hoping to have been useful, we remind you that on Game Legends you can also find a useful guide to complete Act 4 of the game.