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  7. Get back all your lost data from your iPhone / iPad easy with iMyFone!

Get back all your lost data from your iPhone / iPad easy with iMyFone!

Get back all your lost data from your iPhone / iPad easy with iMyFone!

Today we bring you the best tool called iMyFone, with which you can recover all your lost data from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, this new software offers you 4 recovery modes. In this article we will talk about this software so that you can know how important it is, if it convinces you, we will leave you a 20% discount code to buy it.

How impressive of iMyFone is that we have support for recovery with different instant messaging applications, among others, which are: WhatsApp, WeChat, Kik, Line, photos, videos, messages, contacts, notes and more. In the recovery options we have 4 different modes, these are:

  1. Smart recovery mode: To perform this mode you will only have to follow two simple steps, connect your device and then only choose from the options what was the reason for our data loss.
  2. Recover data from iOS device: In this mode, the software will do all the work, because you will only have to connect your device, as soon as the tool is connected it will recognize the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch model, then you will only have to press the scan button.
  3. Recover data from iTunes backup: here we will have to add our iTunes account, followed by this we have to select the types of files that we want to recover, then we select the backup that we want to scan and select the “scan” option, by pressing this option we will be able to view all the data lost and to be able to have them back, we press the «Recover» button.
  4. Recover Data from iCloud Backup: This mode is totally the same as the previous mode, only here we have the possibility of recovering our data with the iCloud backup.

iMyFone offers us to solve the problems of iosWell, if it has happened to you that the Apple logo freezes, the software helps you find the correct firmware to restart the entire operating system, obviously without losing your data. Fortunately, this tool has a web page where we will see the complete manual to know all the possibilities we have, you can find the manual here: IMyFone Manual.

To have 20% discount We leave you the following code for you to use in the purchase of this product, which you can buy from this link.

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