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Ghost of Tsushima: a leaker has anticipated the contents of the DLC?

Ghost of Tsushima: a leaker has anticipated the contents of the DLC?

An alleged leaker would have disseminated information regarding the contents of the Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut DLC, soon to be released.

According to a post that recently appeared on Reddit, a quality tester would have unveiled the contents of the Ghost of Tsushima DLC, in particular of the details regarding the island of Iki. This addition, according to the user’s first impressions, would add many hours to the gameplay, along with new armor, enemies and much more.

As already confirmed earlier this month, this new edition will have additional content, along with full support for PlayStation 5 consoles. The release date is set for next August 20, with the possibility of upgrading if purchased on PlayStation 4 consoles.

Obviously, as also reported in the comments of the original post, this information must be taken with great caution as it could turn out to be false. It wouldn’t be the first time that some leakers report information that is totally wrong or misleading.

Despite this, the details provided seem to confirm the great length of the DLC, which on average should have a longevity of about 15-20 hours. If this information is correct, Sucker Punch has managed to add a large chunk of history and new mechanics to an already famous and critically acclaimed title by users.

The alleged quality tester talks about adding new animals to the island, including leopards, squirrels and monkeys, along with the return of the foxes. As for the landscape, the user also states that there is a volcano present, which adds a new touch to the environment.

As for the duration, as already mentioned before, Ikishima Island has a size equal to a small portion of Tsushima Island, confirming the enormous size of the scenarios. The tester also pointed out how the new mechanics of the torches, necessary for a mission concerning the exploration of caves, was introduced.

As already mentioned before, the information present in the original post is to be taken as a great deal of caution, also seen as the user presents himself. If his job is really to find bugs or errors, it is natural to wonder how he managed to spread such news so easily on the net.

So, appointment next August 20 to understand if this information is real or not. Who knows if the content will significantly expand the original game.