Global epidemic of electronic waste How are we in Colombia?

According to the Ministry of the Environment, in 2018 there will be close to one million tons of electronic waste in Colombia.

The environmental engineer and electronic recycling specialist for the firm Belmont Trading, Laura Reyes, spoke in La Nube about the electrical waste that is generated in Colombia and in the rest of the world.

“There are people who allow access to new technologies. What we have seen in Colombia is an attachment to the cell phone or a difficulty to detach from them and that they do not allow to leave these devices quickly ”, indicated.

Likewise, the expert affirmed that in the country they are already beginning to implement recycling channels for electrical and electronic devices and that people are starting to make use of them.

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“Cell phones and electronic devices recycling channels in the country could be reaching some 10 thousand mobile phones”, He highlighted.

According to a survey by Ministry of the Environment, the 22% of cell phone users admit to throwing them away, barely a 4% It says that it delivers them to authorized points.

For its part, the United States generates at least three million tons of electronic waste per year, according to Environmental protection agency.