God of War, PS5

God of War is getting a new patch for PS5 this week

Although God of war already runs quite well in Playstation 5 through backward compatibility, Sony Santa Monica wants to improve the experience even more thanks to a patch that will be available this week, and that promises to offer the best possible version of the title on this new console.

Through their official website, these developers explained that tomorrow, February 2, God of war will receive a new free patch that will allow players to PS5 enjoy the game with the following features:

– 60 frames per second stable

– 4K scaled resolution

– 2160p

The performance options the game previously had in PlayStation 4 Pro have been removed, and now you will get the best resolution and default FPS. Similarly, there will also be the option to return to “Graphic” mode that limits the game to 30FPS with a 4K resolution.

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