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Google adds its assistant and wireless connectivity to Android Auto


Android Auto is an interface Android in the car in which we can access without many distractions the essential options for driving, such as navigation, music, calls and messages. Android Auto Now it has new functions such as wireless connectivity and the wizard of Google, which was a great idea since with it you can do some things more easily with your voice, some of the integrations within this interface is Google Maps, what it allows is to navigate in it to find different places or the most useful thing, its driving mode.

It allows us to make calls to any of our contacts simply with the voice command, with the numeric keypad or in the telephone registration section, you can also send messages, for example, from the messaging application WhatsApp, with the possibility of sending voice messages, it offers us a music player, you can use Google PlayMusic which comes by default or Spotify, some cars will come with steering wheel buttons for audio input.

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Coming soon in Google Assistant You will be able to use multi-user voice detection, at the moment it is not available, but you can train your voice so that it is easier for the assistant to recognize it, however it is a great step that Google takes in cars, and connectivity with the phone Smart for easy use without having to look at the car screen, Android Auto obviously has a local Wi-Fi connection, to which the device you will use is connected, allowing the connection between the two, facilitating any other type of connection and thus facilitating the use of the wizard Google.

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